This is a non-exhaustive list. Quick Shift can also be customised and extended on a bespoke basis. Contact us for more information.


Put simply, Quick Shift takes the essential information your team puts into it – e.g. Drivers, Bookings, Jobs – and starts a workflow that encompasses all the critical areas of processing and completing them. Drivers log in online and enter key details at the point of service, streamlining the data collection process and enabling you to invoice customers quickly.

Quick Shift produces all the key documents, with suitable verification checks to ensure your invoices and payroll are accurate and saves a massive amount of time over a more manual process or other software that attempt similar things less efficiently.

Software Architecture

Quick Shift is a comprehensive application for managing the full process of a recruitment and/or logistics company, specializing in the haulage industry and management of HGV/LGV drivers.

At its core is a database that can significantly scale to manage the requirements of any SME. On top of this database is an application that implements controls, processes, and reports that drive Quick Shift for the users.

Managers and Consultants interact using a desktop-like online application that gives an easy to use experience for relatively complex processes.

Drivers use a simplified browser-based application – to submit availability, timesheets or proofs of delivery – that runs on a range of devices from smartphones to laptops and computer desktops.

Back Office

The “Back Office” is the management hub of Quick Shift. From here, management can control all aspects of the software and manage the weekly workflow:

  • A desktop-like application which is fast, responsive, and easy to use
  • Full control over the configuration of Quick Shift, from users and branches to the customization of dropdown menus
  • Costing, Invoice, Payroll, and Driver Invoice processing
  • Advanced reporting
  • Performance monitoring

Front Office

The “Front Office” is the consultant gateway of Quick Shift. Enter drivers, shifts, jobs, and manage driver availability or, for branch administrators, even process Costing, Invoice, and Payroll:

  • A desktop-like application which is fast, responsive, and easy to use
  • Register new drivers
  • Track drivers license details and expiration dates with warnings
  • Input new jobs or shifts, new clients, sites
  • Track regular phone calls with customers
  • Manage driver availability

Driver Portal

Drivers use the Portal to submit their work and availability, reducing the steps and time required by a more typical manual process, to give you more up to date and real-time state of your delivered services:

  • Submit their availability so consultants know to use a driver without having to chase them
  • Submit timesheets to begin the reconciliation process with clients without requiring the driver to hand them in manually
  • Upload proofs of delivery so clients can be invoiced quickly
  • Be kept up to date with their own “Driver Invoices” which they approve or dispute in a streamlined process

Further Reading

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